Shipping Container Released From Port and Shoes Unloaded

  • Phillip drives the shipment of shoes from the port to the storage warehouse in Progreso.
  • The boys at the Survival Skills Home begin unloading the container of shoes.
  • Unloading went smoothly with many hands to help.
  • Unloading continues.

The container of shoes has been released from port and unloaded! Kudos to Raul for jumping through many hoops and working very hard to get them released, including hiring a local attorney. This process was difficult due to customs and tariffs on many of the products that were made outside the U.S., but it’s been a good learning experience for Raul as he discovers what is needed for Honduras customs. This will not be the last time he faces these issues. Dan and Phillip have been there in person to assist in the unloading, and the boys from the Survival Skills Ministry helped as well.

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