Pineapple Project Wraps Up, New Businesses Launch

With the culmination of a three-year pineapple farm project, we are excited to see what our friends in Bauya will do now. While our original goal of selling five acres of pineapples (about 90,000 fruits) was derailed by the nation’s year-long Ebola epidemic, dozens of local workers acquired valuable job skills while they were earning an income, but most importantly, they were inspired and enabled to envision possibilities for themselves.

Former long-time employee Ibrahim Siaka has planted his own pineapple farm, using the discarded pineapple crowns and the knowledge he gained from working on the Just Hope pineapple farm to start a business for himself. Others, encouraged by earning a steady income, are entering into other ventures, such as goat farming. Our boots on the ground in Bauya, Sullay Turay and Joe Lassayo, have shifted from crew management to business mentoring, and we are excited to report that Sullay and Joe have purchased and delivered 17 goats (by motorbike!) to former employees.

Follow these entrepreneurs as they start new businesses on our Business Building project page.