Ginger Project

Our team traveled to Lunsar, Sierra Leone to train the eight key leaders from each of the four ginger farming groups (who will be farming ginger to sell in local markets), and local Just Hope staff at our Leadership and Project Management Workshop.

The purpose of the workshop was to empower the leaders and discuss characteristics of effective leadership and how to apply them in the participants’ management roles, focusing on quality, quantity, cost control and timelines. The project management session dealt with managing each phase of  the ginger project — land preparation, planting, caring, harvesting, packing and selling.

Each ginger farming group has 25 farmers, for a total of 40 women and 60 men. This is the first collective farming project for the farmers. The groups will begin by planting 1 acre of ginger in April. A successful harvest will give each man and woman an opportunity to potentially double their annual household income!