First Demo Plot in Ghana Planted

We are delighted to report that our first demonstration plot in Ghana has been planted! David Reeves recently returned from a successful training trip to an area outside of Accra, where we are partnering with Sesa Mu, a local university student group committed to assisting farmers with improved techniques. Peter Mueller and his team deserve big thanks for all the hard work they put into preparing for this training.

David’s training with Joshua, new team member Collins, and members of Sesa Mu began with the hard work of site preparation. The fields were full of rocks, boulders and roots that had to be removed prior to planting. On one day, about 15 locals with an interest in conservation agriculture visited the site for basic training and a highly productive Q&A session with David, who was encouraged to see Joshua and Collins answer many of the questions in the local tribal language for those who did not understand English. After the planting, God blessed the fields with an overnight rain.