Compost Demonstration

  • First, everyone gathered organic matter to use as the base of compost. Farmers can use grass, leaves, sticks and other material readily found for free in the natural environment.
  • It's critical that precise measurements and ratios are used to create high quality compost. The participants measured and marked off an area to store and mix the compost.
  • The materials (greens, browns, manure and water) are layered in precise proportions.
  • The result is a properly proportioned compost pile!
  • After layering is complete, the pile is mixed well to allow the thermal process to take place.
  • In a classroom session after the live demo, David reminded participants about the measurement and proportions needed, as well as how to know when to turn the compost.

During a visit to the Lunsar area, David taught a demonstration on composting for local pastors and leaders who farm using conservation agriculture techniques. Because it uses only materials found in the environment, composting can be done by local farmers for virtually no expense. Using high-quality compost can dramatically improve the quality of the farmers’ plots, and it saves them money by eliminating the need to purchase fertilizer. Plus, it even opens up new business opportunities, as good compost can be sold.

John and Shanty are working with the local pastors to monitor the demo.