Banana Demonstration

  • The first step was to clear the field where the bananas will be planted.
  • David shows how a notched stick can be used for measurement.
  • Proper spacing and measurement are required for best results.
  • A hole 60 cm deep is dug at each banana planting station.
  • The dirt from the bottom half of the hole is lacking in nutrients the banana plants need to thrive.
  • Manure is mixed with the dirt from the bottom of the hole in order to provide the bananas with the nutrients they need.
  • The banana seeds are planted with the tops facing east so they get the most early morning sun.
  • Six banana plants were planted during this demonstration. David reminded the farmers to only plant as much as they are able to manage at a high standard.
  • The plants are watered thoroughly. These farmers have a nearby river they can pump water from for irrigation.
  • The last step is to put down mulch. These farmers had dried palm leaves that worked perfectly. The mulch helps prevent erosion and weeds, and enriches the soil over time.
  • The farmers were proud of their hard work and are eager to see the results of their labor.

David taught a banana demonstration during our visit to Ghana in July. Our team in Ghana, Derrick, David, David and Collins, participated as well so that they are equipped to help other farmers and answer questions in the future.