7th External Demo Site Planted

  • Team clearing land for a new 6x6 plot at Akwakupom
  • Mankrado Ahfia, the owner of the land being used for the plot, also the chief of the Akwakupom community
  • Layout of downslope rope and row markers with David Opoku Ababio
  • Holing out the new 6x6 meter plot
  • David Dyer and David Opoko Ababio working with the chief (blue shirt, far right) and local farmers from Akwakupom to plant and cover maize seeds
  • Ghana project team working with the chief and local farmers in Akwakupom to mulch recently planted maize
  • David Dyer and a local farmer working to input bat guano for an upcoming maize crop
  • Maize seedlings germinating through the mulch blanket

We worked with Mankrado Ahfia, chief of the Akwakupom village, and one of our savings groups to plant a seventh external agriculture demonstration site. The team used bat guano as manure input because the chief, who supplied the land for the plot, had a large quantity of it.

This is the first external plot that is being managed by a group of farmers in a savings group. We are encouraged to see this group coming together in this way.