Savings and agriculture activity in Lunsar

  • Women gather for agriculture training.
    Women gather for agriculture training.

Team Lunsar has been very active this month:

  • Three savings groups have formed and are beginning to take out loans.
  • Blind farmers in the community of Katik are clearing land for the September-November planting season.
  • Three new banana demonstration plots have been planted and another one planned.
  • Two churches (Ebenezer and Good News) are planning their own separate, but side-by-side demonstration plots. It will be interesting to see if any friendly competition ensues over maintaining high standards and ultimately, who can produce the highest yields!

We are seeing an increase in quality of work in the agriculture plots, which are currently producing maize, cowpeas and a variety of vegetables. It is important for the farmers to see the results from the labor of their hands and begin to take pride in that work and own it for themselves.

Our leadership team visit this month included a special gathering of the wives of the local pastors, who experienced a one-day retreat of encouragement and worship with Karen Bruton, our founder; Ashley Turner, the wife of our president, Ben Turner; and Saffie Koroma, Foday’s wife. Jenneh attended as well, and conducted a training in groundnut cultivation for the pastors’ wives and for a group of widows in Petefu Bron.