11 savings groups and 48 plots

Team Bauya continues to do an excellent job of walking alongside people in savings and agriculture. Eleven savings groups are still working together toward economic empowerment, with 57% of participants being women. Three of these groups will end their first cycle together with a share-out this month. The team is now working with 48 model and extension plots.

The end of the second growing season is bringing wonderful harvests to the farmers. These visible successes attract more farmers from surrounding communities who want to learn how they are achieving such high yields. This growth in interest speaks to the importance of raising up teachers from within who can be true catalysts for change, empowerment and lasting impact.

A fun and exciting development over the past few weeks has been the sharing of suckers from our original pineapple farm. Currently 10,916 suckers have been harvested and used to begin at least five smaller plantations in both the Bauya and Lunsar areas. Also, the two goat farming projects are doing well, and a new kid has been added to the herd.