On the Ground in Sierra Leone

Our leadership team is currently in Sierra Leone working with a network of pastors, headmasters and community leaders to teach agricultural techniques, which the leaders can then share in their communities. Ben wrote this note from the field so we can get a glimpse of how things are going.  It has been wonderful to watch Phillip… continue reading

Photo Journal: Planting the First Demonstration Plot in Ghana with Sesa Mu

This past summer, a primary component of our work in Ghana was to partner with local farmers to plant several demonstration plots of various crops. Using demonstration plots enables us to win the trust of the people in the area and show them alternative farming techniques they can use on their small holding farms. Under the… continue reading

Locals take chances, achieve a thriving, dry-season garden in Bauya

Joe Lassayo, who has worked with Just Hope for nearly a year as foreman in Bauya, Sierra Leone, and his wife Jenneh, are great examples of the determined, hard-working people we have the honor of knowing. We are astounded and delighted with the thriving garden they are maintaining during Sierra Leone’s dry season. By incorporating… continue reading

Ambulances transport dozens of Ebola orphans

Based on activity records we are receiving on the ambulances in Sierra Leone, the primary use of the vehicles continues to be transporting Ebola survivors and orphans back into communities. When children are discovered to be in the home of a person infected with Ebola, they are taken into quarantine with other children at an… continue reading

Gearing up, forcing pineapples

Last month we reported that our pineapple crop appeared to be fruiting early, not good news given that our processing plant buyer was still shut down due to Ebola. We also were concerned that we were unable to completely understand the extent of the fruiting, because our crew was unable to penetrate the razor-sharp rows… continue reading

Togolese farmers learn conservation agriculture, see solutions to problems  

During a recent two-week trip to the West African country of Togo, a Just Hope project team worked with a group of Togolese farmers, exploring the methods of conservation agriculture according to a plan developed by Just Hope project manager Peter Mueller. Accompanying Peter on the trip were David Reeves, agricultural technical advisor, and Bob… continue reading

Training in Togo

A Just Hope project team arrived safely this week in the village of Kara, in the country of Togo. The first two photos are of the farming demonstration plot, where the team will train local Togolese people on conservation agriculture methods. The next photo is a store in Kara, where locals might purchase tools if… continue reading

Ebola survivor hired to drive Just Hope ambulance

While our investment in the ambulances we recently sent to Sierra Leone was clearly in the category of short-term relief, we are pleased to see that they also have become an economic empowerment tool, creating jobs for hard-working people. Mohamed Conteh is a newly hired driver for one of the five ambulances we purchased to… continue reading