The Season of Attitude

November 27, 2014

On most Thanksgiving Days, I normally focus on what I am thankful for. It would be so easy to make a nice list and express my gratitude. But the tug at my heart in this season is taking me in a different direction. Instead of my gratitude, I’m reflecting on my attitude.

Back in 2007 when I founded Just Hope, I believed I was on my own little journey trying to be an obedient servant of God. As I began working in the poor areas of the world, I certainly felt good about what I was doing. I also expected that Just Hope would begin and end with me. But over the years, I’ve had a shift in attitude.

Attitude goes to the base of our belief and value system. It’s not thinking backward and making that list I mentioned previously. It’s at the core of our being, how we respond to a situation without even thinking about it.

What has changed my attitude?
– Working with people around the world who have almost no material possessions and who love and appreciate me for no other reason than my being present.
– Experiencing that the people I have gone to “help” usually end up helping me more.
– Being graced with outstanding people leaving careers to come work with Just Hope.
– Having the joy of sharing all this with all of you.
Am I thankful? You bet. Has this experience changed me in the depths of my being? You bet.

Happy Thanksgiving, and may all that you are thankful for become a lasting part of your attitude. God bless.