Travis Trull

Program Manager - Entrepreneurship Development
Brentwood, Tennessee, USA

As Program Manager for Entrepreneurship Development, Travis Trull works closely with Just Hope partners to equip communities with practical business skills and to walk alongside individuals in the development of sustainable and profitable small businesses, thereby increasing their household income and generating economic growth within their communities.

Born in Kenya to American missionaries working in Meru, Travis lived in Kenya until he was nine years old. He continued to visit Kenya during the summers as he was growing up, and in college at Harding University, accepted an internship that took him to several African countries, including Togo, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Mali and South Sudan. Two years later, Travis graduated and married his college sweetheart, who also was born in Kenya. Together, they joined several other families in mission work in Tanzania, which included conservation agriculture, small business development, and discipleship training. They did this work for five years, and among their lasting impact, helped a group of locals create a thriving arts and tourism business. After returning to the U.S., Travis co-led several successful business startups before eventually joining Just Hope to pursue his passion of transforming lives through skill building and business development.

One of Travis’s special tasks is to identify innovators who are well equipped to become leaders in their communities and develop more entrepreneurs in the community networks.

“Just Hope’s work is empowering and collaborative, and I have seen from my own experience that this approach is the most effective in helping people out of poverty,” Travis said. “Rather than taking control and imposing ideas, Just Hope engages with locals and helps them reach their own goals and realize their own ideas.”