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Photo Journal: Planting the First Demonstration Plot in Ghana with Sesa Mu

This past summer, a primary component of our work in Ghana was to partner with local farmers to plant several demonstration plots of various crops. Using demonstration plots enables us to win the trust of the people in the area and show them alternative farming techniques they can¬†use on their small holding farms. Under the… continue reading

Working demo plots at Sesa Mu

August 2015 Project Roundup: First VSLA Group Launches, Pineapples Approach Harvest, Mulch Proves Its Worth

AFRICA Ghana VSLAs Our first VSLA group has been launched! The group is called Sesa Mu VSLA, and it consists of nine women and nine men, who are mostly pineapple and corn farmers in the area around the town of Berekuso. Demonstration Plots at Sesa Mu Since our last report, four additional demonstration plots have… continue reading