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Eight years ago this month, founder Karen Bruton named Just Hope International

In March of 2007, Karen Bruton sat at her breakfast table, thinking through what God was calling her to do. She had left her career behind a month earlier, and knew her call involved continuing to use her business and administration skills. Part of her task that March morning was to name the organization that… continue reading

The nudges and whispers that built Just Hope International

I believe that God has been nudging me all my life. Whispers here, murmurs there – quiet suggestions that my life should have a greater purpose. But the noise of the world, school, work and relationships kept me distracted, and over the course of many years, I achieved a successful American life: college graduate, MBA,… continue reading

Remarks from Ben Turner, Second Annual Report From the Field

The following is a transcript of the remarks delivered by Ben Turner, president of Just Hope International, at our Second Annual Report From the Field, held December 2, 2014. To view a gallery of photos from the event, visit this post. A little over a year ago at Just Hope’s First Report From the Field,… continue reading

Second Annual Report From the Field Photo Gallery

We would like to express a big “thank you!” to everyone who attended our Report From the Field and Open House earlier this week. A Report From the Field summary will be made available soon on our web site, if you were unable to attend or would like to share with others the remarks of… continue reading

The Season of Attitude

On most Thanksgiving Days, I normally focus on what I am thankful for. It would be so easy to make a nice list and express my gratitude. But the tug at my heart in this season is taking me in a different direction. Instead of my gratitude, I’m reflecting on my attitude. Back in 2007… continue reading

Karen’s “ah-ha!” moment in Peru

Just Hope founder Karen Bruton had her “ah-ha!” moment in Peru in 2007, where she helped deliver guinea pigs, chickens and seeds to a group of people rebuilding their lives after decades of Shining Path terrorist attacks killed thousands and left behind years of economic ruin. By helping people change their own destiny, Karen saw… continue reading

Founder Karen Bruton honored by Wake Forest University

Karen Bruton recently accepted the Distinguished Alumni Award from Wake Forest University, where she earned…

War on Poverty: Yes, we should – but how?

[display_video vimeo=88575824] This year marks the 50th anniversary of Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty in America, and media stories regarding its initial goals and analysis of its performance have been plentiful. At Just Hope, we believe the question isn’t if we should help those in poverty. The question is how? Just Hope operates on the… continue reading