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Is there money in Moringa?

During our recent trip to Ghana, we explored existing market opportunities to utilize Moringa as a potential solution to many of the ills that plague Ghana’s most impoverished communities. Most importantly for Just Hope, our exploration is based upon a healthy local interest and motivation to grow Moringa. The nutritional benefits of the Moringa tree leaves are widely known…. continue reading

The process of service

Successful businesses are disciplined in following simple and repeatable processes that achieve their goals. Just Hope’s Guiding Principle of utilizing good business practices includes an established process for our service efforts from beginning to end. It is this process and our commitment to it which enables our project team to effectively utilize the money our… continue reading

Conservation agriculture: A proven approach to extreme poverty

  Making an ‘impact that lasts’ means tapping into the interests and motivations of those we seek to serve. In 2014, Just Hope made a significant investment to gain a better understanding of West African culture, needs and priorities, with a four-month assessment conducted in Sierra Leone. That investment affirmed for us that food security… continue reading

Assessment report points to food security as top priority

Our four-month assessment of the Kongbora Chiefdom in Sierra Leone has concluded, and the information and insight we’ve gained will be of great value to us as we explore continued job creation in the country. Among the biggest challenges identified by the assessment is food insecurity, or low assurance of regular, healthy meals. Almost every… continue reading

Sierra Leone

In Sierra Leone, a brutal 12-year civil war destroyed infrastructure and reduced the nation’s people to among the poorest in the world. Near the village of Bauya, in the Kongbora chiefdom, Just Hope has identified pineapple farming as an income opportunity. We are leveraging local farming skills, assisting with start-up needs and connecting farmers to… continue reading

Kongbora assessment includes soil testing

Domingo is a lab technician at Njala University, and he is helping us in our ongoing assessment of the people and land in the Kongbora chiefdom in Sierra Leone. He and his team dug test pits for taking soil samples. Here he is marking the depth of the pit with the blue and white tape… continue reading

Area assessment underway in Sierra Leone

At a certain time in every project, growth dictates that we confirm that our work is on target and addressing real need in a way that empowers people to provide for themselves. In Sierra Leone, where we are looking to expand into a broader community, that time is now. Early this month, a team of… continue reading