Survival Skills Students Share Their Thoughts

December 18, 2016

Several of our students in the Survival Skills program in Panama wrote notes about what the program has meant to them and what they have learned. We’d like to share a few highlights with you.

“I learned how to use a knife, and I got to learn about a restaurant and what they have to eat – lettuce salad, which I had never eaten.”
Yilka, on her first experience eating in a restaurant


“I have learned that when I am independent, I will have to find work so that I can pay for college. I enjoyed our outing most because I learned to travel by bus and how to pay the bus driver. I also enjoy the English classes, because I am learning many words I don’t know and how to pronounce them correctly.”
Estefania, age 12

“When I am older, I will have a family.”
Melany, age 13


“This workshop has taught me to not fear, and everything that I set my mind to do I will accomplish. I also learned that we must always remember and not forget that we can accomplish our dreams despite difficulties in our lives. And I am very thankful for the people in Just Hope.”
Maritza, age 16

“My thanks to Carolina for these programs. May God bless her. This program has helped me to overcome my fears. For me it is important that she comes every day. Thank you, Carolina, and thank you for the advice you have given me.”
Cinthya, age 13

Comments like these and many others tell us that these girls, whose lives have had such a rough start, have hope for their future. They are fully aware that they are building the skills they need to confidently approach and embrace that future, and we are honored to play a part in this experience. We thank God for every blessing that makes this teaching possible.

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