Survival Skills in Honduras: Alternatives to the traps of poverty

January 8, 2016

Just Hope has partnered with a local Honduran man, Raul Carrasco, to provide economic opportunity for boys who are aging out of their orphanages and are ill-prepared for life in the real world.

Without vocational, emotional and spiritual support, these boys are at high risk of being targeted by gangs and falling into the traps of poverty: drug addiction, crime, violence and unhealthy relationships.

Raul runs a home in Progreso, Honduras, where he ministers to the spiritual, mental and physical needs of boys in this situation. Having experienced a rough upbringing himself, Raul came to know Jesus about three years ago, an experience that convinced him of God’s calling for him — to share Jesus’ love with others, helping them achieve a more joyful and meaningful life.

Three boys, Kevin, Gabriel and Denilson, are currently living in the home.

Just Hope is partnering with Raul to empower the boys with short-term employment opportunity, while they complete their education and prepare for long-term employment on their own.

The basic framework for life in this home is three-pronged:

  • MIND: The young men will receive survival skills and job training that will help them secure healthy, meaningful work.
  • BODY: As a mixed martial arts lightweight champion in Central America, Raul will work with the residents to cultivate a respect for their bodies. Through exercise and fitness, the young men will understand the gift of health and learn to be good stewards of it.
  • SOUL: Christianity will be celebrated in the home, where the young men will learn about Jesus, His plan for them and His everlasting love.

As with all of our projects, our goal is to make an impact that lasts. For these young Honduran men, having a stable home where they can learn job skills, life skills and the love of God will help them avoid poverty and its many traps, and become productive citizens with healthy families of their own.

Spend a day in the life of Kevin, Gabriel and Denilson…