Meet a Just Hope Hero: Raul Carrasco

March 18, 2016

Raul had a tough upbringing marked by violence and gangs. It’s a story that is, unfortunately, all too common for boys in Honduras.

But a friend once told him, “Raul, you think you are alone. You think God doesn’t listen to you or love you. You are wrong.”

The glimmer of hope in that statement started Raul down a new path that couldn’t have been more different.

Devoting himself to mixed martial arts (MMA), he became a champion — top, in fact, in his category across Honduras. Seeing firsthand the power of faith and a healthy mind, body and spirit, Raul dreams of helping other young men stay off the streets and find their purpose.

Raul currently runs a ministry for young men who age out of orphanages and need to learn skills to be independent. Just Hope is partnering with Raul to develop the economic model to position his ministry for growth and sustainability.

Just Hope helped Raul secure a shipping container of new and gently used shoes. Raul will sell them at wholesale prices to other entrepreneurs, who will then sell them in remote villages around Honduras. With Just Hope’s support, Raul will manage this operation so that it is self-sustaining, providing an income opportunity for many households, as well as funding his ministry.

Follow Raul’s journey as he uses business to provide new opportunities.