Survival Skills Ministry

Raul Carrasco runs a small ministry in El Progreso, Honduras for young men who otherwise are headed for life on the streets or in gangs. We call it the Survivor Skills Ministry, as the boys learn skills that are crucial for a safe and productive future. They have access to daily physical training in Raul’s gym, receive spiritual guidance in the form of regular devotions and prayer time, and learn how to take care of themselves in the context of “doing life” together. As Raul ministers to the young men’s spiritual, mental and physical needs, Just Hope is partnering with him to empower the boys with short-term employment opportunities, while they complete their education and prepare for long-term employment on their own.

Most Recent Updates


Preparing for the future

Raul anticipates being able to manage the Survival Skills ministry and retail shoe operation on his own at the beginning of 2017. We pray for him God’s grace and blessings as he continues to serve young men in his community and divert them from poverty.

Raul Plans for the Future

Raul is in the process of setting up his own nonprofit foundation for the program. He is eager to make his ministry as sustainable as possible through the shoe business, and credits Just Hope for giving him this vision and opportunity. He continues to prepare the financing for the second container of shoes, and we may make a site visit there soon to provide business mentoring.


Congratulations to Raul, Shannon (pictured above, far right) and the boys in their Survival Skills Ministry for WINNING a competition in Honduras called Yo Emprendo. The competition is a search to find the most innovative and socially impactful organizations between Honduras and Costa Rica. The additional evaluation criteria include sustainability, visionary leadership, creativity, cross-sector collaboration and commitment to learning. Way to go! We are so proud of you!

Planning for Sustainability

Raul is almost out of shoes and plans to liquidate the remaining shoes to finance another container of shoes, which he expects to receive in about three months. For the most part, he is operating independently of Just Hope, and he reports that profits from the second container should have him in position to fully fund the Survival Skills ministry on his own beginning in January 2017.

MMA Tournament Success

The MMA tournament earlier this month was a huge success. Two of the boys won their matches, while Kevin (the underdog to a champion) reportedly “left it all in the ring.” According to reports, spectators are still talking about Kevin’s match.