Savings Groups

Several hundred people in rural villages outside of Accra, Ghana, with support from Just Hope, have organized themselves into VSLAs (Village Savings & Loan Associations) with a commitment to meet weekly to save money together and make loans to each other for business and education purposes. Experience shows that people who are able to trust each other in small groups are eventually able to extend this trust throughout their community, trust that is highly effective in building a stable economy.

Current Needs

Our Agriculture Training and Savings Groups teams in West Africa are working to identify leadership potential in their program participants. Join us as we pray for the wisdom to identify the characteristics they need to lead well. Pray we will find individuals who want to grow and empower others in their communities through teaching and sharing.

“Excitement” has been the main word used to describe nearly everything that’s going on in Ghana as of late. Savings Group members are seeing excellent results and conservation agriculture methods are making strides in the communities. We give God all the glory for this success, and thank him for the blessings He has given community members and Just Hope Field Officers. We pray that plots and groups continue to flourish, and that the groups maintain a positive outlook even when challenges arise throughout the season.

The Nukware Savings Group in Ghana completed their first annual cycle this past week, with 29 members receiving their share of the social fund at a 17% return on investment. The first cycle was challenging for this group, as they had six loans default. Though the group is pleased with their results, they still need support from Just Hope Field Officers, and we pray that they will not be discouraged. As they begin a second cycle of saving and loaning, we ask God to grant them wisdom as they make decisions about allocating loans.

Savings Groups in Ghana are showing fantastic results in growing their financial capacity. One in particular, the Odo group from Yaw Edipa, gave nine loans totaling $1,325 during their monthly loan meeting. Though the amount doesn’t seem like much, consider that the average wage in Ghana is less than $4 per day – this truly shows the “impact that lasts” on farmers, families and local entrepreneurs. We thank God for the success of this opportunity and ask Him to continue to guide the Savings Groups as they prosper.

We praise God for the good returns across Savings Groups, and for the opportunity to empower women, who now make up 60% of group participants. The groups are doubling their share values and members are buying as many as three pass books in order to increase their investment. We ask God to bless the members of the Savings Groups and guide them toward financial success.

The group in Ghana is working hard as the first rains are now starting. They are pushing to prepare and plant model plots while working with Abu Rabo to bring in the yield from his compost. Abu has taken the lead in this “harvesting” process. We pray that the model plots are successful and ask God to watch over the team and the farmers who are bravely testing different agricultural techniques.

Pastor Sullay has begun working with a Muslim Imam, Sheik Abass Kamara, from his community. Together, they have planted near a swamp and they are working together to learn – not only about farming techniques – but also about how two people can cross religious barriers to make a difference. We pray that Pastor Sullay and Sheik Abass continue their work together and that God blesses their efforts.

The dry season in Ghana is coming to an end and with that will come the rains and the beginning of the first planting season. David Dyer has informed us that the team is gearing up for the preparation of model plots for planting. The goal is to increase the current number of model plots, reflecting the desire of more Savings Groups to be involved in Just Hope’s agriculture training. We pray that God will guide our team as they prepare, and bless the Savings Group members as they seek financial success through agriculture and business.

We pray for our team in Ghana as they actively seek to build trust and develop deeper relationships, as well as identify community leaders. We pray that God will lead our team to the right people and communities.

We praise God for the continued growth of savings groups and ask for his blessing on each of the members and their families.

Most Recent Updates


Sierra Leone Farmers Turn a Hand Up from Just Hope into Big Plans for Their Future

  • Men and women worked together to make mud bricks, lay the foundation and begin building.
  • Sierra Leone Grain Storage Building Construction
    Men and women worked together to make mud bricks, lay the foundation and begin building.
  • Sierra Leone Grain Storage Building Construction
    Men and women worked together to make mud bricks, lay the foundation and begin building.
  • Sierra Leone Grain Storage Building Construction
    Men and women worked together to make mud bricks, lay the foundation and begin building.
  • Men and Women in Sierra Leone Building Grain Storage Building
  • Grain Storage Building Construction
    Balema and Madihoi Savings Groups working together to on the first of four grain storage buildings.
After successful harvests using the sustainable conservation agriculture techniques taught by Just Hope, two of our savings groups in Bauya, Sierra Leone started making exciting plans for the future, strategizing for how they would capitalize on their initial success. See how they turned a hand up into big plans that will help them provide for their families...

Sustainable Conservation Agriculture Training Gains Popularity

  • conservation agriculture training, Ghana
Sustainable Conservation Agriculture Training continues to gain popularity throughout the areas we serve in Ghana. Two more Savings Groups have asked for education in conservation agriculture. Many of the groups have an individual member that was involved in the conservation agriculture training for the last season, and now, they are engaging the other group members.

Enidaso Savings Group First Cycle Share Out

  • Savings Group, Ghana
In Ghana, our staff reported on the 1st cycle share out in the Enidaso Savings Group. 22 members received a 16% rate of return on their savings investment with no loans in default. And, two more Savings Groups have asked for education in sustainable conservation agriculture. This is a continuation in the swell of groups seeing the benefits and asking to learn and participate in the training.

Savings Groups and Sustainable Conservation Agriculture programs empower women

Just Hope's Savings Groups and Sustainable Conservation Agriculture Training Programs are empowering more than 1,200 women across Ghana and Sierra Leone. We're seeing a 50-60% participation rate of women within these programs, and they're on their way to creating a better future for themselves and their families.

Savings Groups in Ghana and Sierra Leone

Just Hope's Savings Groups continue to make strides across Ghana and Sierra Leone. With 60 total groups, we're working with more than 1,500 remarkable people and helping them work toward financial independence, not only for themselves but for their families.