Growing and Saving

Just Hope has had a presence in Bauya, Sierra Leone since 2013. Over that time we have developed relationships with many local farmers and traders who are working hard to improve their circumstances for themselves and their family. Through our local boots on the ground, Sullay Turray and Joe and Jenneh Lassayo, we are economically empowering locals by helping them form VSLAs and learn conservation agriculture techniques.

Current Needs

Our Agriculture Training and Savings Groups teams in West Africa are working to identify leadership potential in their program participants. Join us as we pray for the wisdom to identify the characteristics they need to lead well. Pray we will find individuals who want to grow and empower others in their communities through teaching and sharing.

We ask God to bless the farmers and their crops with adequate rain and protection against pests and disease. We pray that the farmers continue using best practices and turn excellent yields.

Pastor Sullay has begun working with a Muslim Imam, Sheik Abass Kamara, from his community. Together, they have planted near a swamp and they are working together to learn – not only about farming techniques – but also about how two people can cross religious barriers to make a difference. We pray that Pastor Sullay and Sheik Abass continue their work together and that God blesses their efforts.

We are preparing to launch a new groundnut seed loan program this planting season. Created by Joe Lassayo, one of our Field Officers, and Josiah Holland, an intern with Just Hope, the program’s goal is to infuse Savings Groups with seed capital to allow them to plant larger areas and return greater harvests and profits. We ask God to guide our team and Savings Group members in this exciting endeavor.

We ask God to continue to bless Pastor Simeon Sesay of the Mile 38 Baptist Fellowship in Lunsar as he engages students and teachers in compost training.

We praise God for the success of the Gbotima women’s group’s groundnut harvest. It was so successful the women are excited to continue testing the techniques they have learned.

We pray for our team in Sierra Leone and their communities, as they develop relationships and identify potential advocates for savings groups and agriculture training.

We thank God for the excellent work of teams in Lunsar and Bauya as they integrate savings groups and agriculture plots, and continue to improve our processes in the field.

We pray for prosperous demonstration plots, and for farmers to be open to trying methods that are new to them.

Most Recent Updates


Sustainable Conservation Agriculture Training Programs Empowering Women

Just Hope's Sustainable Conservation Agriculture Training Programs are empowering women across Sierra Leone and Ghana. Today, more than 55% of participation is female and that number is rising. These remarkable women are committed to building a positive future for themselves and their families.

Sheik Abass Kamara’s Maize Plot

  • Sheik Abass Kamara's maize plot, Sierra Leone
Pastor Sullay Koroma of Mathenkaneh has continued a wonderful relationship with Muslim Imam, Sheik Abass Kamara. After seeing Pastor Sullay’s high-quality sustainable conservation agriculture plots last season, Sheik Abass began working his own plot using the same methodologies. Recently, he planted a very nice plot of maize to the high standards he saw with Pastor Sullay’s work and his labor is being rewarded with excellent early germination rates and solid mulching.

Piepanda Savings Group Sustainable Conservation Agriculture Plots

  • Piepanda Savings Group, Gondama Village, Sierra Leone
The Piepanda Savings Group in the Gondama Village, Sierra Leone, completed their 12x12 meter sustainable conservation agriculture plots and the work was beautifully done with good group participation and cooperation. This reflects the presence of high standards in the Seed Loan Program plots.

Savings Groups and Sustainable Conservation Agriculture programs empower women

Just Hope's Savings Groups and Sustainable Conservation Agriculture Training Programs are empowering more than 1,200 women across Ghana and Sierra Leone. We're seeing a 50-60% participation rate of women within these programs, and they're on their way to creating a better future for themselves and their families.

Savings Groups in Ghana and Sierra Leone

Just Hope's Savings Groups continue to make strides across Ghana and Sierra Leone. With 60 total groups, we're working with more than 1,500 remarkable people and helping them work toward financial independence, not only for themselves but for their families.