Farming and Finance

Just Hope is working through an established network of pastors who are meeting the spiritual needs of their communities around Lunsar, Sierra Leone. The pastors share our belief in economically empowering people to help themselves. We are offering agriculture and financial training to these pastors, so they are equipped with the tools and information they need to go out into their communities and empower people with the ability to produce and manage income.

Current Needs

We ask God to bless the farmers and their crops with adequate rain and protection against pests and disease. We pray that the farmers continue using best practices and turn excellent yields.

The big news in Sierra Leone is the long-awaited launch of the Seed Loan Program. We thank God for the work of our team on the ground as they conceived and planned the program. We pray that the farmers embrace the program and are able to effectively use it as a hand up to increase their household income.

As teams in Sierra Leone gear up for the launch of the new seed loan program, we pray that those involved in this endeavor continue to uphold the high standards of conservation agriculture techniques to ensure the highest potential for success. We ask God to lead our teams through the upcoming planting season.

We ask God to continue to bless Pastor Simeon Sesay of the Mile 38 Baptist Fellowship in Lunsar as he engages students and teachers in compost training.

We praise God for the success of the Gbotima women’s group’s groundnut harvest. It was so successful the women are excited to continue testing the techniques they have learned.

We pray for our team in Sierra Leone and their communities, as they develop relationships and identify potential advocates for savings groups and agriculture training.

We thank God for the excellent work of teams in Lunsar and Bauya as they integrate savings groups and agriculture plots, and continue to improve our processes in the field.

We pray for prosperous demonstration plots, and for farmers to be open to trying methods that are new to them.

Most Recent Updates


Sustainable Conservation Agriculture Training Programs Empowering Women

Just Hope's Sustainable Conservation Agriculture Training Programs are empowering women across Sierra Leone and Ghana. Today, more than 55% of participation is female and that number is rising. These remarkable women are committed to building a positive future for themselves and their families.

Tamaraneh Group Works to Produce Groundnuts

  • conservation agriculture plot, Sierra Leone
Program success is seen in different ways and at different speeds in the locations we serve. The Tamaraneh group in Kerefay, Sierra Leone, is an example of wonderful current success by a group of farmers who together work to a high standard to produce a crop of groundnuts. The plot shown has been planted and prepared with sustainable conservation agriculture techniques. This plot’s yield and soil will be compared to a neighboring plot prepared and planted using traditional methods.

Savings Groups Gain Popularity Across Sierra Leone

We’re pleased to announce the launch of two new Savings Groups! Our newest group, from the village of Malumpor, is in the early stages of drafting their constitution and welcoming all members who want to participate. These initial steps are very important in the launching process as they define the group’s identity and organizational structure. As members begin the process of saving and loaning, they will begin to build trust within the group as well as realize financial support, which gives them the resources to purchase necessities and pay for medical care and school fees. These groups have taken the first steps to making their own “impact that lasts.”

Seed Loaning Program is a Game Changer for Farmers in Sierra Leone

Just Hope's new Seed Loan Program (SLP) in Bauya and Lunsar, Sierra Leone, gives a hand up to farmers stuck in a cycle of buying seeds on credit. The program provides each farming group with two 50kg bags of groundnuts for planting in both the conservation agriculture method and traditional method; then requires the farmers to return the two bags at the end of the harvest season. We are working with nine total groups for the pilot run of the Seed Loan Program – four in Lunsar and five in Bauya. The groups have prepared and started planting their plots using both methods.

The Gbotima Women’s Group’s Groundnut Plot Success

  • Agnes, Bauya, Sierra Leone
Agnes Lamboi stands with her arms full of groundnuts, pure joy on her face because of the yield. Agnes was one of many women who participated in Jenneh's groundnut training last fall, and for demonstration purposes, they planted a 6x6 meter plot in the middle of a two-acre field planted in groundnuts using traditional methods. At harvest time, it was visibly obvious the difference in the yields. In the second photo, Jenneh holds handfuls of the groundnuts planted using conservation agriculture methods, and in the third photo, Joe holds handfuls of groundnuts planted using traditional methods. Not only were there more nuts on the roots in the demo plot, but the nuts were much larger and heavier. Read more about the Gbotima women's group...