Sullay Turray

Project Manager - Bauya Area

Bauya, Sierra Leone

Sullay Turay is Just Hope’s longest serving employee, having joined in 2012 as part of the pineapple farm operation in Bauya, Sierra Leone.

Sullay has proven his commitment to Just Hope many times over, and in 2014 was named official liaison and a member of our “boots on the ground” team along with Joe Lassayo. During the pineapple farm initiative, Sullay supervised payroll, reporting and overall communication with Just Hope headquarters.

Having worked with Just Hope during the year of Ebola, Sullay was an invaluable source of information while Just Hope leadership tried to understand and track the spread of the disease in and around Bauya.

With the Just Hope pineapple farm now concluded, Sullay remains a Just Hope employee. He serves as a business development mentor to farmers and other entrepreneurs, many of whom are former Just Hope pineapple farmers.

Current Programs

Growing and Saving
Bauya, Sierra Leone
Business Building
Bauya, Sierra Leone

Most Recent Updates


11 savings groups and 48 plots

Team Bauya continues to do an excellent job of walking alongside people in savings and agriculture. Eleven savings groups are still working together toward economic empowerment, with 57% of participants being women. Three of these groups will end their first cycle together with a share-out this month. The team is now working with 48 model and extension plots. The end of the second growing season is bringing wonderful harvests to the farmers. These visible successes attract more farmers from surrounding communities who want to learn how they are achieving such high yields. This growth in interest speaks to the importance of raising up teachers from within who can be true catalysts for change, empowerment and lasting impact. A fun and exciting development over the past few weeks has been the sharing of suckers from our original pineapple farm. Currently 10,916 suckers have been harvested and used to begin at least five smaller plantations in both the Bauya and Lunsar areas. Also, the two goat farming projects are doing well, and a new kid has been added to the herd.

Interest in agriculture and savings grows

Sullay, Joe and Jenneh have become especially well organized in their activities and adept at balancing and integrating their work with savings groups and agriculture plots. They continue to work with 11 savings groups in seven different communities. Nine groups will complete their first annual cycle in January 2017, and we eagerly anticipate their first year results. Many of these groups and numerous people are showing an increased interest and adoption of conservation agriculture, and our team is currently working with 16 model farms and 29 extensions that have grown from those models. Sullay, Joe and Jenneh are developing mentoring relationships with people who rise up as potential advocates for savings groups and teachers of conservation agriculture in their own communities.

Successful groundnut and banana trainings

We had a fantastic visit to both Bauya and Lunsar last month. It was exciting to reunite with former employees and see their projects. Everyone we talked with seemed sincerely excited about what is going on in the community, including the benefits of their savings groups. Jenneh did a great job leading a groundnut training for 49 people, most of them women. Many of the participants traveled over 15 miles to attend, as they have seen for themselves the benefits of the conservation agriculture techniques. Joe led a banana training on the day after to many of the same people. We felt very welcomed and look forward to seeing the continued impact in and around the Kongbora chiefdom.

Preparation & Training

  • Jenneh (in blue) leads an agriculture demonstration.
  • The women are instructed on proper spacing and layout for their plots.
The team worked hard clearing land for two important trainings: one, on groundnuts, that Jenneh lead for 33 women and 14 men, and the other, for bananas, that Joe and Sullay lead for men who are representatives of the 11 savings groups in Bauya. We thank all of Team Bauya for the preparations they made for our leadership visit this month.

Women-Only Groudnut (Peanut) Training Planned

Rain has kept the team in Bauya from some travel, but they are preparing for our leadership team visit next month. Jenneh wants to do a woman-only groundnut training that we are hoping to coordinate while we are there. We intend to take Shanty and John from Lunsar with us to visit the plots in Bauya, as well as encourage Sullay and Joe to conduct a banana training in their community.

Give A Hand Up

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