Orlando Henriquez

Farm Owner/Operator

Monterrey, Honduras

Orlando Henriquez is a farm owner/operator in the village of Monterrey, Honduras, a beautiful country village that offers little in the way of employment due to lasting destruction caused by Hurricane Mitch. Many have been forced to leave the village in search of jobs in the city.

Orlando has the skills and the land to plant a banana crop, and a buyer agreement with a company that will give best practices training to ensure a successful crop.

Our “hand up” to Orlando and to several in the village is the funding of jobs for locals to prepare the fields, plant the bananas and maintain the crop during the first cycle. After the first crop cycle (approximately 10 months), projected revenue will make the farm a self-sustaining operation that will increase household income and food security for many in the village, creating a ripple that will improve the local economy and stem the flow of workers away from the village.

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Exiting With Love in Honduras

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  • Processing Bananas, Honduras
As we wrap up work on several projects in Honduras, we are experiencing those bittersweet moments when we part ways with people we love and respect, but joyfully bolstered by the confidence that they are on new paths to economic security for themselves, and promising growth for their communities. In Progreso, we wish God’s sweetest… Read more about our programs in Honduras

Bananas thrive

Bananas continue to thrive, and Orlando is still employing 15 people per week on average. This number will increase as they begin building the storage barn and preparing for harvest.

Bananas beginning to fruit

Bananas are beginning to fruit! Orlando is pleased, and we pray that the hurricane season will not interfere with their first harvest.

Maintenance Mode

Bananas are in the maintenance stage. Orlando employs an average of 16 people a week to weed, irrigate, fertilize and treat pests.

Plantation Fully Planted

The dwarf banana plantation is fully planted and in maintenance stage. A gas-powered pump draws water to the field from a nearby river for irrigation. About 10 (otherwise unemployed) workers will maintain the crop (weeding, watering, fertilizing) until harvest time, which should begin at the end of this year, when more workers will be needed.

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