Progreso, Honduras

Kevin’s story is not unusual for boys in the Primavera neighborhood in El Progreso, Honduras. Abused by his father from an early age, Kevin became addicted to drugs and joined a gang, who told him to forget his biological family. The gang told him they were his new family, and they would take care of him.

His first job for the gang was as a “flag,” or someone who keeps track of the traffic in and out of a gang’s territory. As their trust in him increased, they started assigning him to kill jobs, acting as watchman and keeping an eye out for police.
“They sent me as a watchman,” he said. “I saw people die.” Fear of being killed himself drove him to learn martial arts, which is where he met Raul Carrasco.

Raul is a local leader who runs a small ministry in Progreso, Honduras for boys who were headed for life on the streets or in gangs. Just Hope partners with Raul to provide employment opportunity and survival skills training as he ministers to the boys physical, mental and spiritual needs.

Recognizing Kevin’s predicament, Raul told him that he didn’t have to stay in the gang or continue his dangerous and harmful lifestyle. He told Kevin he could make something of himself, and that Jesus would help him. So Kevin began hanging out at the gym more and more often, and came to accept that God had a new plan for him, one that could eliminate the fear of death, and one that would soothe his sadness over not having his father’s love.

Kevin stopped taking drugs and selling drugs, and his new family truly does take care of him. He still doesn’t have the love of his father, who tells him he’s crazy and will never amount to anything without him, but now he knows deeply the love of his heavenly Father, who he knows will never leave him.

“I know that if I keep my confidence in Jesus, I can go a long way in life,” said Kevin.

At the boys’ home, Kevin works while he completes his education and prepares for long-term employment on his own.

For Kevin, a hand up offering economic empowerment meant the difference between a dangerous life on the streets and a bright future in which he can provide for himself.

Most Recent Updates


Shoe Retail Store Opens

The sales group strategy we originally envisioned for the shoe retail operation has not panned out, so Raul and the Survival Skills boys have opened a “store” right in the storage warehouse. As the shoes sell, more shoes are unboxed and organized onto racks. Everyone is learning a great deal about business and the world of retail!

MMA Tournament Success

The MMA tournament earlier this month was a huge success. Two of the boys won their matches, while Kevin (the underdog to a champion) reportedly “left it all in the ring.” According to reports, spectators are still talking about Kevin’s match.

MMA Tournament Coming Up

The boys have a big MMA tournament scheduled May 4 in Honduras. We wish them luck!

Shipping Container Released From Port and Shoes Unloaded

  • Phillip drives the shipment of shoes from the port to the storage warehouse in Progreso.
  • The boys at the Survival Skills Home begin unloading the container of shoes.
  • Unloading went smoothly with many hands to help.
  • Unloading continues.
The container of shoes has been released from port and unloaded! Kudos to Raul for jumping through many hoops and working very hard to get them released, including hiring a local attorney. This process was difficult due to customs and tariffs on many of the products that were made outside the U.S., but it’s been a good learning experience for Raul as he discovers what is needed for Honduras customs. This will not be the last time he faces these issues. Dan and Phillip have been there in person to assist in the unloading, and the boys from the Survival Skills Ministry helped as well. Read more about the process of getting the container out of the port...

Boys Visit Banana Farm

Kevin, Gabriel and Denilson are doing well, and are so appreciative of the opportunity to continue their education and have someone to love and support them. Raul and the boys are eager to learn English and are progressing quickly. The boys joined the leadership team to see the banana farm, where they witnessed the hard work people were doing to survive and heard how many days some people did not eat prior to having a job on the banana plantation. The boys also rode horses and enjoyed being teenagers running free on a farm, and it was great to see their smiles!

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