Joseph Koroma


Lunsar, Sierra Leone

Joseph Koroma, Sierra Leone

Joseph Koroma is a pastor in Sierra Leone who attended our initial agriculture trainings in the Lunsar area in March 2016. Affectionately known as “Pastor Sullay” to his church, he worried about their ability to care for themselves and their children. He was so excited by the possibilities offered by conservation agriculture, he immediately returned to his church and began teaching his congregants, who are mostly Ebola widows. He now uses the agriculture methods in the plots where he works with his congregation, as well as in his personal plots that provide food and household income for his family.

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Lunsar, Sierra Leone

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Sheik Abass Kamara’s Maize Plot

  • Sheik Abass Kamara's maize plot, Sierra Leone
Pastor Sullay Koroma of Mathenkaneh has continued a wonderful relationship with Muslim Imam, Sheik Abass Kamara. After seeing Pastor Sullay’s high-quality sustainable conservation agriculture plots last season, Sheik Abass began working his own plot using the same methodologies. Recently, he planted a very nice plot of maize to the high standards he saw with Pastor Sullay’s work and his labor is being rewarded with excellent early germination rates and solid mulching.

Facing Farming Challenges

Together, Pastor Sullay and the Ebola widows in his congregation diligently mulched, weeded and watered...but things haven't gone as well as we'd hoped. See how they are coping with the challenges...

Ebola Widows Embrace Training with Passion

After our conservation agriculture trainings in March 2016, before we even left Sierra Leone, Pastor Koroma had already started training the women in his congregation, mostly Ebola widows, in sustainable conservation agriculture. See how they've embraced the method...

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