Jenneh Lassayo

Field Officer

Bauya, Sierra Leone

Jenneh Lassayo is a Field Officer in Bauya, Sierra Leone. She and her husband Joe, who also is a Just Hope Field Officer, have been examples of the remarkable and risk-taking leaders who are willing to step out of their comfort zones in search of a better quality of life. Using some of the sustainable conservation agriculture techniques they learned from Just Hope, Jenneh was able to grow a thriving garden of corn, okra and beans — and that was during the dry season. Following these impressive results, she has become a local champion of new agricultural techniques and is often sought for her agricultural advice, especially from other women, in whom she inspires confidence.

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Growing and Saving
Bauya, Sierra Leone

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The Gbotima Women’s Group’s Groundnut Plot Success

  • Agnes, Bauya, Sierra Leone
Agnes Lamboi stands with her arms full of groundnuts, pure joy on her face because of the yield. Agnes was one of many women who participated in Jenneh's groundnut training last fall, and for demonstration purposes, they planted a 6x6 meter plot in the middle of a two-acre field planted in groundnuts using traditional methods. At harvest time, it was visibly obvious the difference in the yields. In the second photo, Jenneh holds handfuls of the groundnuts planted using conservation agriculture methods, and in the third photo, Joe holds handfuls of groundnuts planted using traditional methods. Not only were there more nuts on the roots in the demo plot, but the nuts were much larger and heavier. Read more about the Gbotima women's group...

Hero Spotlight: Alfred “Africa” Mattia, Overcoming Obstacles and Reaping Rewards

  • Alfred Matita, Bauya, Sierra Leone
  • Bauya, Sierra Leone, Maize Plot
Alfred Mattia, known in his community as “Africa,” is Bauya’s official Town Crier, spreading important community news from household to household. To supplement his income, he farms – and has been one of the most passionate and engaged learners we have come across at Just Hope. “Africa” lives with a deformed arm and leg that make physical activity and tending to crops a challenge. After attending a number of our trainings, and with the encouragement of Jenneh and Joe, he planted two 6×6-meter maize plots in his yard using the new methods he learned. Read more about Africa's success...

11 savings groups and 48 plots

Team Bauya continues to do an excellent job of walking alongside people in savings and agriculture. Eleven savings groups are still working together toward economic empowerment, with 57% of participants being women. Three of these groups will end their first cycle together with a share-out this month. The team is now working with 48 model and extension plots. The end of the second growing season is bringing wonderful harvests to the farmers. These visible successes attract more farmers from surrounding communities who want to learn how they are achieving such high yields. This growth in interest speaks to the importance of raising up teachers from within who can be true catalysts for change, empowerment and lasting impact. A fun and exciting development over the past few weeks has been the sharing of suckers from our original pineapple farm. Currently 10,916 suckers have been harvested and used to begin at least five smaller plantations in both the Bauya and Lunsar areas. Also, the two goat farming projects are doing well, and a new kid has been added to the herd.

Interest in agriculture and savings grows

Sullay, Joe and Jenneh have become especially well organized in their activities and adept at balancing and integrating their work with savings groups and agriculture plots. They continue to work with 11 savings groups in seven different communities. Nine groups will complete their first annual cycle in January 2017, and we eagerly anticipate their first year results. Many of these groups and numerous people are showing an increased interest and adoption of conservation agriculture, and our team is currently working with 16 model farms and 29 extensions that have grown from those models. Sullay, Joe and Jenneh are developing mentoring relationships with people who rise up as potential advocates for savings groups and teachers of conservation agriculture in their own communities.

Successful groundnut and banana trainings

We had a fantastic visit to both Bauya and Lunsar last month. It was exciting to reunite with former employees and see their projects. Everyone we talked with seemed sincerely excited about what is going on in the community, including the benefits of their savings groups. Jenneh did a great job leading a groundnut training for 49 people, most of them women. Many of the participants traveled over 15 miles to attend, as they have seen for themselves the benefits of the conservation agriculture techniques. Joe led a banana training on the day after to many of the same people. We felt very welcomed and look forward to seeing the continued impact in and around the Kongbora chiefdom.

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