Grace Boakye

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Nsawam Area, Ghana

Grace Boakye, Ghana

Grace Boakye is a 29-year-old mother of three children. A petty trader, Grace sells clothing and plastic goods in her community in Ghana to contribute to the family income. Grace carries her inventory on her head as she sells her wares door to door, which is hard on her feet and back, and it limits her income to what she can physically carry. Her husband is a farmer and Grace has recently joined a new Savings Group to help her realize her dream of opening a small store at her home, where she can increase her inventory, reduce the toll on her body, and relieve some of the pressure on her husband to provide income.

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Nsawam Area, Ghana

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Hero Spotlight: Grace Boakye Saves Money to Build Her Business and Provide for Her Family in Ghana

  • Grace Boakye, Ghana
Grace, a 29-year-old mother of three children, works hard to contribute to the family income by selling clothing and plastic goods. Without a storefront, selling door-to-door is hard on her physically and limits her income potential. But Grace has a plan. Read more about how Grace plans to grow her business and provide for her family…

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