Daphney St. Claire

Jeremie, Haiti

Daphney is a young woman living in a small town outside of Jeremie, Haiti. She has seen the lack of employment opportunities and shared the weight of financial responsibility with her mother. Determined to provide for herself and her family in one of the most difficult economies in the world, Daphney took on the challenge of creating her own business.

As one of the 23 members selected for Just Hope’s Entrepreneurship Development program, Daphney has been able to accomplish her personal and financial goals through her peanut butter business and still give back to her community through job creation.

Whether the recipe is salty or sweet, Daphney has found the right recipe for success, and we are looking forward to watching her journey unfold.

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Jeremie, Haiti

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Peanut Butter: A Recipe for Success

How do you support yourself and your family when getting a job isn’t an option? That’s the question Daphney St. Claire from Jeremie, Haiti had to answer. Overcoming abandonment by her father and the loss of her mother's business after Hurricane Matthew, Daphney is using her own ingenuity and technical know-how, combined with a hand up from Just Hope, to build a business that will transform her life and her community. Click here to see how Daphney is perfecting her recipe for success (and is already planning to expand her venture)...

Just Hope Partners with Haitian Entrepreneurs to Create Jobs and Rebuild Communities

With countless businesses wiped out and employment options severely limited after Hurricane Matthew, many enterprising local entrepreneurs are taking matters into their own hands, and Just Hope is providing a “hand up” through a holistic approach to business development. Read how these men and women are providing for their families and rebuilding their communities...

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