Alfred Mattia


Bauya, Sierra Leone

Alfred Mattia, Bauya, Sierra Leone

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Hero Spotlight: Alfred “Africa” Mattia, Overcoming Obstacles and Reaping Rewards

  • Alfred Matita, Bauya, Sierra Leone
  • Bauya, Sierra Leone, Maize Plot
Alfred Mattia, known in his community as “Africa,” is Bauya’s official Town Crier, spreading important community news from household to household. To supplement his income, he farms – and has been one of the most passionate and engaged learners we have come across at Just Hope. “Africa” lives with a deformed arm and leg that make physical activity and tending to crops a challenge. After attending a number of our trainings, and with the encouragement of Jenneh and Joe, he planted two 6×6-meter maize plots in his yard using the new methods he learned. Read more about Africa's success...

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