Abu Rabo

Farmer and Caretaker

Berekuso, Ghana

Abu Rabo

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Hero Spotlight: Abu Rabo, Taking Opportunities, Seeing the Impact

People who are eager to learn and work just need the right information and opportunity in order to achieve great things. We provide hand-up solutions previously out of reach or unknown by people we serve. A small amount of support and hope provided in the right way can be transformational, launching a person and family into a life of security and stability that they themselves can sustain. A case in point is the story of Abu Rabo. See how Abu increased his pepper yield by 9x using the methods he learned from Just Hope.

Farmer sees yield nearly 5x Ghana average

  • Abu’s 6×6 plot with peppers, nearly ready for harvest.
Conservation agriculture participation continues to grow, with most farmers electing to rotate their crops and participate another season. Many of these farmers, even with challenges and struggles, saw increases in their harvest as compared to conventional or traditional methods. One farmer experienced a yield that was nearly five times the Ghana average! Another farmer, Abu Rabo, has planted a 6×6 plot of peppers and is already seeing a tremendous difference as compared to a traditional plot nearby.

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