Abu Bangura

Bauya, Sierra Leone

Abu Bangura is a former Just Hope employee who worked on the pineapple farm crew. Due to a steady income, Abu once commented, “Now I am able to buy more seeds to extend my farming activities and take care of my family.”

Inspired by his experience farming pineapples, Abu now participates in our business mentoring effort in Bauya, with a number of other former co-workers.

On his own land, Abu has prepped three acres for planting 180 palm seedlings he has received from Just Hope to start a palm oil plantation.

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Bauya, Sierra Leone

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Palm Progress

"My dream was to own a palm plantation but I was not financially strong. I thank Just Hope for fulfilling my dream by providing me with three acres of palm seedlings, which I planted in June. I am now fencing the plantation to prevent goats and rodents from destroying it." -Abu Bangura

Palm Farm Planted, Others Prepping

Dauda Koroma has fully planted his palm farm, and Musa Macauley and Abu Bangura have finished pegging their fields in preparation for planting palm.

New Agricultural Ventures Underway

Eight farmers we worked with on the pineapple farm are about to embark in new agricultural ventures. Musa Macauley, Abu Bangura, Dauda Koroma preparing fields waiting on rains to come and will soon plant the palm farms, and Abu Momodu has planted a coco farm, all with startup assistance from Just Hope. Joe Lassayo, Saidu Conteh, Ibrahim Siaka and Joseph Mboka have planted new pineapple farms.

540 Palm Seedlings Delivered

We have delivered 540 palm seedlings to Abu Bangura, Dauda Koroma and Musa Macauley. These past Just Hope employees have prepped three acres each and are awaiting the rains to plant the 180 palm seedlings they each received from Just Hope.

Workers wash hands to prevent Ebola

Saidu Conteh and Abu Bangura, two of our workers in Sierra Leone, wash their hands in a chlorine bleach/water solution as an Ebola-prevention measure. The nationwide three-day lockdown ended yesterday.

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