Our Capabilities & Expertise

Our Core Competencies

  • Agricultural (farming, agribusiness, post-harvest, horticulture, food processing, marketing, livestock, poultry)
  • Entrepreneurship development
  • Rural development
  • Orphanage – transitioning to independent living; vocational training
  • Livelihoods improvement
  • Local economic development
  • Microfinance
  • Business skills
  • Economic empowerment
  • Capacity building
  • International trade

Our Approach

With the exception of humanitarian crisis, we believe a “hand up” — economic empowerment from increased household income — is the path to lasting, long-term change that elicits hope, dignity and independence in the remarkable people we serve. There are three primary reasons we take this approach:

    1. Helping can often have unintended, negative consequences.
      Handouts erode personal dignity, may damage existing local industry and economies, and can lead to dependency.
    2. People are remarkable.
      With the right training and opportunity, people can do remarkable things. Each person has God-given talents, abilities, interests and motivations that, when connected with the necessary training, mentorship and resources, have the power to transform families and communities.
    3. Lasting impact comes through economic empowerment.
      The greatest chance for lasting change in people’s lives comes from empowering them to provide for themselves.

Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles ensure that we remain consistent in our approach to making an “impact that lasts.” Those principles are:

  1. Income Opportunity – Economic empowerment that strengthens families
    Just Hope economically empowers women and men to transform their family and community for generations. As individuals and families work to obtain financial independence, they reclaim their dignity, envision new possibilities and experience the power of hope.
  2. Boots on the Ground-Local Leadership – Building trust through accountability in the field
    All Just Hope projects are supervised by trustworthy, qualified managers who are invested in the community — locals themselves — and provide-full-time oversight and reporting to build organizational and institutional capacity and trust.
  3. Ownership Matters – Smart business processes, from assessment through exit
    At the core of the Just Hope project model are opportunities that are simple, repeatable and viable given the local circumstances. All projects follow an established process that starts with an assessment, moves through project execution and concludes with an exit strategy. Our partners have ownership of projects from the start, so they require no long-term outside resources.