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Just Hope’s agribusiness program is based on a sustainable conservation agriculture approach to support micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. Utilizing local agricultural resources, our program increases individual household income and as well as the local economy.

About Just Hope International

Just Hope International empowers people living in some of the world’s most difficult conditions to transform their futures for generations by producing income for their families. Through this model of economic empowerment, Just Hope engages directly with people who are doing their part to improve their circumstances and connects them with training, tools and opportunities.

Just Hope is a not-for-profit organization under U.S. I.R.S. 501(c) 3. It is a non-governmental organization (NGO).

Meet our team, learn more about our approach, and see what makes us different.

Agribusiness Development

Through relationships, we achieve our mission of economic empowerment using a variety of tools, based on local needs and market opportunities. In many communities, we focus on Agribusiness Development and Agriculture Training, with a commitment to:

  • Conservation Agriculture Techniques: Precise Space & Time Management, Principles of Preparation & Heavy Mulching, Composting & Organic Fertilization, Utilization of Local, Accessible Resources, Effective Planting & Harvesting
  • Farming as a Business
  • Family-Focus
  • Farmer-Centric
  • Community Leadership

Agribusiness Programs

We demonstrate sustainable conservation agriculture techniques, an ecological approach to farming that results in better harvests, healthier soil and improved long-term land output. The method adheres to the general principles of heavy mulching, precise space and time management, and the use of local, easily accessible resources. It improves food security and increases the chance of a surplus, creating economic opportunity. And, it relies on using resources that can be procured freely from nature, such as mulch and natural fertilizer, which reduces costs, increases profits and ensures the ability of the farmers to carry on without outside assistance.

Agriculture and Financial Training in Sierra Leone

Just Hope has had a presence in Sierra Leone since 2013. Over that time we have developed relationships with many local farmers and traders who are working to improve their circumstances for themselves and their family. Through our local boots on the ground in Bauya and Lunsar, we are economically empowering locals by helping them form VSLAs and learn conservation agriculture techniquesLearn more…

Agriculture and Financial Training in Ghana

Just Hope’s employees in Ghana are  building relationships with farmers in local communities, partnering with them as they explore agricultural techniques that are new to them, but have the potential to improve yields and increase their household income. The Just Hope team is also working with Sesa Mu Farmers’ Initiative, a group of local students from Ashesi University, on a farm plot where they test and demonstrate sustainable conservation agriculture techniques with local farmers. Learn more…

Agribusiness Development in Honduras

Just Hope partnered with a local farm owner/operator in Monterrey, Honduras in the formation of a 15-acre dwarf banana enterprise, for which there was a ready buyer in place. After the first crop cycle, revenue made the farm a self-sustaining operation that will increase household income and food security for many in the village. The infusion of this income has a ripple effect in the community, creating greater stability for its people, and stemming the flow of workers away from the village. Learn more…

Agriculture Demonstration in Togo

Working in partnership with a local missionary with deep-rooted relationships in local communities in the West African nation of Togo, we are providing training in sustainable conservation agriculture techniques. The training empowers farmers by offering alternative practices for agricultural production and resource management to people who want to do their part to increase food security and household income for their families. Because the methods rely on freely available resources from nature, such as mulch and manure, these techniques are highly sustainable and dependent only on the will of the farmers themselves. Learn more…

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