Our Approach

Our Mission

Helping can hurt. When a high is only momentary, it’s quickly followed by a low. Hand-outs are not always hand-ups. And what many people need isn’t a boost to a new height but rather the skills and knowledge to build an entirely new level.

We’re about victory that lasts a lifetime, empowerment that passes down through the generations and transformation that grows beyond Just Hope to deliver long-term market-driven solutions.

Our Method

Just Hope International believes the greatest chance for lasting change comes by equipping and mentoring people with the skills, tools, knowledge and connections they need to establish and expand their livelihoods. Pairing available resources with pressing market demands, we are committed to empowering communities with lasting economic opportunities.

Guiding Principles

Our Guiding Principles ensure that we remain consistent in our approach to making an “impact that lasts.”

Strategic Business Approach

We implement a five-step approach to assess and address local market demands by fueling community members’ growth in the following categories: Business Training; Technical Skills; Market Links; Financial Services and Life Skills. Bridging the gap between needs-based care and market-driven training, Just Hope reinforces enduring development over short-lived relief.

Local Leadership

All Just Hope projects are supervised by trustworthy, qualified managers who are invested in the local communities – often locals themselves – and provide full-time oversight and reporting to ensure that money sent matches its intent. Our U.S. team visits often for on-site project verifications.

Economic Empowerment

Our partners have ownership of their enterprises from the start, requiring no long-term support, reinforcing dignity and encouraging financial independence that builds up families and communities.

100% Investment

100% of contributions we receive go to project costs. All administrative costs are paid by private donors and are never paid with public contributions.

Change everything.

The hand up you provide could be the turning point for an individual who has expressed a genuine desire to improve his or her circumstances.

100% of your contribution goes to project costs.