Our Approach

Our Mission

Just Hope empowers people in some of the world’s most difficult living conditions to transform their future for generations by producing income for their families. Through this model of economic empowerment, we engage directly with people who are doing their part to improve their circumstances, and connect them with training, tools and opportunities. Because of the challenges our partners face, opportunities must be simple, repeatable and viable. 100% of contributions we receive go to project costs.

Guiding Principles

Our Guiding Principles ensure that we remain consistent in our approach to making an “impact that lasts.”

Income Opportunity

Economic empowerment that strengthens families

Just Hope empowers people to transform their future by increasing their ability to produce a household income. We identify people who are doing their part to improve their circumstances, and combine our resources — the ones they have access to locally and the ones we bring to the table. As individuals and families work to obtain independence, they reclaim a their dignity, envision new possibilities and experience the power of hope.

Local Leadership

Building trust through accountability in the field

All Just Hope projects are supervised by trustworthy, qualified managers who are invested in the local communities – often locals themselves – and provide full-time oversight and reporting to ensure that money sent matches its intent. Our U.S. team visits often for on-site project verifications.

Ownership Matters

Smart business processes, from assessment through exit

At the core of the Just Hope project model are opportunities that are simple, repeatable and viable given the circumstances our partners face. All projects follow an established process that starts with an assessment, moves through project execution and concludes with an exit strategy. Our partners have ownership of projects from the start, so they require no long-term outside resources. We embrace accountability, build relationships to earn trust, and remind ourselves continually to “know our customer.”

100% Investment

Every dollar you donate funds projects

100% of contributions we receive go to project costs. All administrative costs are paid by private donors and are never paid with public contributions.

Change everything.

The hand up you provide could be the turning point for an individual who has expressed a genuine desire to improve his or her circumstances.

100% of your contribution goes to project costs.