October 2016 Project Roundup

October 10, 2016

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David Dyer reports that we are now working with 27 savings groups. Participation continues to be strong, with many groups entering into a second savings cycle. Last month we reported that our second savings group, Adwumapa, completed their first year-long cycle. They have now officially participated in share out and report a 28.1% ROI, which is wonderful news indeed! Our leadership team was blessed to able to witness this share out meeting in person. Follow more savings group news…

Ben inspects a demo plot in Ghana.

Ben inspects a demo plot in Ghana.

Conservation agriculture participation continues to grow, with most farmers electing to rotate their crops and participate another season. Many of these farmers, even with challenges and struggles, saw increases in their harvest as compared to conventional or traditional methods. One farmer experienced a yield that was nearly five times the Ghana average! Another farmer, Mr. Abu, has planted a 6×6 plot of peppers and is already seeing a tremendous difference as compared to a traditional plot nearby. Learn more about our agriculture training in Ghana…

Mr. Abu's 6x6 plot with peppers

Mr. Abu’s 6×6 plot with peppers, nearly ready for harvest.

Bauya, Sierra Leone

We had a fantastic visit to both Bauya and Lunsar in September. It was exciting to reunite with former employees and see their projects. Everyone we talked with seemed sincerely excited about what is going on in the community, including the benefits of their savings groups. Jenneh did a great job leading a groundnut training for 49 people, most of them women. Many of the participants traveled over 15 miles to attend, as they have seen for themselves the benefits of the conservation agriculture techniques. Joe led a banana training on the day after to many of the same people. We felt very welcomed and look forward to seeing the continued impact in and around the Kongbora chiefdom. Read more about our work in Bauya…

Jenneh leads a groundnut training in Bauya.

Jenneh leads a groundnut training in Bauya.

Lunsar, Sierra Leone

During our leadership visit, Just Hope Founder Karen Bruton and Ashley Turner, wife of Just Hope President Ben Turner, spoke to a special women’s conference held primarily for the Baptist Pastors Wives Association of Sierra Leone, a group of about 50 women who traveled to Lunsar from all over the country. The conference theme was “Encouraging Women,” and it most definitely did that. Employees and locals liked seeing that we all have a woman boss! That alone spoke volumes about our belief in the ability of women to lead their communities. We toured the communities and plots that Shanty and John have been working, and David Reeves especially was delighted with their high standards of farming and crop diversity. Again, Pastor Sullay was impressive not only in Petifu Brun with the Ebola widows but also with his own plots. Read more about our work in Lunsar…


The work in Panama continues to advance as we close in on the end of the pilot program. The 40-week program will be completed in November, and we are already at work making revisions and improvements to the curriculum and activities. We continue to monitor the changes the girls are making through their journals. We will visit again the end of this month to celebrate the completion of the pilot, and to connect again with Friends of Malambo, women who continue to reach out to us and welcome our girls into their meetings and events. They are a critical connection to the corporate world in Panama, and we are excited about working with them regarding our future students who age-out of their programs. Follow the survival skills program…

Please pray with us for the people of Haiti and others affected by Hurricane Matthew. Our planned visit to visit Haiti this month will need to be rescheduled, as the people there cope with their losses.


Bananas are beginning to fruit! Orlando is pleased, and we pray that the hurricane season will not interfere with their first harvest. See the farm’s progress… 

Orlando poses with the first fruits of the banana crop.


The banana trees are beginning to fruit!

The banana trees are beginning to fruit!

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