November 2017 Program Roundup

November 21, 2017

Bringing Our Economic Empowerment Programs to Uganda

This month the Just Hope team traveled to Uganda to plan the expansion of our programs there. They completed the due diligence necessary to structure and manage our programs in healthy, sustainable ways that ensure the people we serve have ownership, and that the impact of the program extends for generations.

Across all our programs, we are seeing incredible people take ownership of their futures and work toward accomplishing their goals. 

Agriculture Training

Pradeep at Mabure Mende talking to farmers about ginger farm options.

Groups in our Agriculture Training program in Sierra Leone are continuing to evaluate possible partnership opportunities in contract farming ginger. On a recent trip to Sierra Leone, Just Hope’s Economic Empowerment Policies & Programs Advisor, Pradeep, worked to identify the right local partner who will purchase the ginger that the groups will be farming. There is potential for a partnership to develop with a local beverage bottling company that will purchase the ginger produced by the groups.

The four farming groups (Motoboh 1 and 2, Mabureh Mende, and Kerefay) are excited about the opportunity to learn the process of farming ginger and the possibility of increasing their household income. Contract farming will give each man and woman an opportunity to potentially double their household income!

Business Mentoring

Just Hope launched the Entrepreneurship Development program in Haiti in August and we are already seeing outstanding results from our program participants.

Daphney St. Claire making peanut butter.

Faced with the question of how to support herself and her family when getting a job isn’t an option, Daphney St. Claire from Jeremie, Haiti took on the challenge of starting her own business. Overcoming abandonment by her father and the loss of her mother’s business after Hurricane Matthew, Daphney is using her own ingenuity and technical know-how, combined with a hand up from Just Hope, to build a business that will transform her life and her community. Click here to see how Daphney is perfecting her recipe for success (and is already planning to expand her venture)…

Survival Skills

Time management is something we all struggle to master in the midst of our hectic schedules. Our Survival Skills students in Malambo are learning the importance of time management and the necessary components of independent living.

As an exercise to evaluate how they spend their time, each student was encouraged to list their activities and decide which things are wasting their time and which things are worth their time.

Elva in her professional attire.

Elva discovered her biggest waste of time is watching TV and browsing the internet, prompting her to reorganize her priorities so she has ample time to complete homework assignments, study, and participate in activities that move her closer to her desired future.

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