Feeding Program in Nicaragua

September 1, 2007

There is a massive trash dump in Managua, Nicaragua called La Chureca, the Spanish slang word for “city dump.” The first brochure designed for Just Hope has a picture of a little boy on the front who lived on the trash site with the rest of his family and about 1,000 others. They spent their day going through the trash looking for food, clothing or maybe a piece of wood or metal they could use to make a shelter. I was there with a group of others providing meals. This beautiful little boy turned to me after getting his food to thank me. I snapped a picture as he walked toward me, and his face will forever be in my heart. The program there was providing a daily, nutritious meal for the children in areas of extreme poverty around Managua. One child could be fed daily for a month for $10.

This work in Nicaragua was highly focused on relief. The feeding center created temporary change – not the lasting change that has since become core to the Just Hope mission today.