Dominican Republic

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  • Population
    10.6 Million
  • Urban Population
  • Official Language
  • Official Flag
  • Capital City
    Santo Domingo
  • Currency
    Dominican peso

The Dominican Republic is located in Central America, between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. It is the eastern two-thirds of the island of Hispaniola, east of Haiti.

It’s terrain is rugged highlands and mountains interspersed with fertile valleys.

The Dominican Republic is slightly more than twice the size of New Hampshire.


The Dominican Republic has long been primarily an exporter of sugar, coffee, and tobacco, but in recent years the service sector has overtaken agriculture as the economy’s largest employer, due to growth in construction and tourism. The country suffers from significant income inequality. High unemployment and underemployment remain long-term challenges. The economy is highly dependent upon the US, the destination for approximately half of exports.
95% of Dominicans are Roman Catholic.


92% of the population 15 and over can read and write.


41% of the population is below the poverty line.


65% of the labor force work in services, 21% work in industry, and 14% work in agriculture.