Letter From the President – December 2016

December 26, 2016

During this season of thanksgiving and celebration, we are grateful to Just Hope supporters for the ability to provide education and opportunity to people facing extraordinary circumstances. The work itself, and the dignifying way in which we attempt to go about it, is returning strong results and it is incredibly rewarding. We are blessed as we seek to bless others by serving them with excellence. We are thankful to be on this journey with you and to be on a journey with the remarkable people we serve together.

People are trusting us with relationships. They are sharing their stories, dreams and challenges. We are responding appropriately, and our toolkit and capacity for service is expanding. God is providing the transformation and results.

Please explore our projects to see the fruit we are seeing from Just Hope efforts. We thank God for providing all things necessary for the work.

If you want to create a path for orphaned/at-risk girls and boys to avoid crime and abuse, and give them a strong start to productive living — join us.

If you envision the possibility of a mother having emergency funds for her family’s needs by way of a savings group — join us.

If you see the power in leading subsistence farmers to increased harvests and surplus by using resources all around them — join us.

In everything we do, we know actively demonstrating God’s love and provision to people is true success. Please join us.

Ben Turner, President

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