Letter From the President (December 2015)

December 4, 2015

Letter From the President

It is an exciting time at Just Hope. We are growing and it is thrilling to be undertaking new projects.

As we grow, we have to remember our mission. The mission of Just Hope International is to make an impact that lasts by empowering remarkable people who face some of the world’s most difficult living conditions.

More specifically, the focus of our efforts is to economically empower people to generate household income by identifying opportunities that connect their interests and motivations with our access to resources.

This requires us to find people who are willing to do their part. They are the architects of lasting change and we must remember that. Our job is to listen and understand their interests, and then work with them to develop opportunities that are simple, repeatable and viable for them to pursue long term.

Whether we are serving in rural Africa or urban Central America, all of our projects have one thing in common: they empower people to pursue viable economic opportunities for their families and communities.

This newsletter provides you with an overview of where we’ve been in the past year and where we are headed in 2016. Our goal is to compel you to action. For our old friends, we want to provide reason for you to renew your commitment and belief in Just Hope and continue your prayer and financial support. For our new friends, our desire is that you will be moved by what you read, and join us on our mission to make an “impact that lasts.”


Ben Turner
Just Hope International

Project Update



Ninety-eight people in Ghana, with support from Just Hope, have organized themselves into VSLAs (Village Savings & Loan Associations) with a commitment to meet weekly to save money together and make loans to each other for business and education purposes.

Additionally, the Just Hope team in Ghana is working with a group of local university students on a demonstration farm plot. It is used to share techniques with local farmers so they can improve their yields and increase their household income.

Needs: We are currently serving about 98 farmers and traders. We want to expand that to 600 people in 2016.

Lunsar, Sierra Leone

IMG_0846 copy

Just Hope will be working through a network of pastors in Lunsar, Sierra Leone. They are already working to meet the spiritual needs of their communities, and share our belief in economically empowering people to help themselves. We are offering training and support to these pastors, so they are equipped with the tools and information they need to empower their communities with the ability to produce and manage income.

Needs: The pastors worked to plant 50 churches and 20 schools in the past five years. Our goal is to equip them to economically empower five communities in 2016.

Progreso, Honduras


Raul runs a small ministry in Progreso, Honduras for boys who were headed for life on the streets or in gangs. As he ministers to their spiritual, mental and physical needs, Just Hope is partnering with Raul to empower the boys with short-term employment opportunity, while they complete their education and prepare for long-term employment on their own.

Needs: Raul can currently serve three boys. We want to make it possible for Raul to expand his ministry to reach three more boys in 2016.

Bauya, Sierra Leone

B and SL

Workers in Sierra Leone recently harvested a pineapple crop they planted in November 2013. Seeing this venture through — from planting the suckers to managing a profitable harvest — was a powerful experience for the workers, demonstrating that markets for large quantities exist and are accessible, opening their eyes to new possibilities.

With the harvest complete, we met with the workers to learn about what they want to do next. It is powerful to see people who were once focused only on providing food for the day now developing three-year business plans. It is our privilege to walk with them and offer support as they establish 11 new businesses.

Needs: We want to empower these 11 businesses to get off the ground in 2016, and be open to additional opportunities like this.


honduras women
Twenty-five women from 14 villages in Honduras now have an opportunity to earn an income by meeting a market need. Just Hope is providing a way for the women to buy shoes, which are very popular in Honduras, at wholesale prices. The women have organized themselves into small sales groups, and will sell the shoes in villages they have already targeted. Just Hope will provide best practices for sales and financial management.

Needs: We will begin by offering the opportunity to 25 women. We would like to expand that in 2016.


panama building
Teenage girls who have been physically, sexually and mentally abused are getting close to aging out of the institutions where they live. Well aware of the violence in Panama and remembering the abuse they have suffered, they are afraid of what their futures hold when they are on their own. Just Hope is working with local leaders to empower the girls with “survival skills” they will need to earn an income and provide for themselves a chance at lasting independence. This includes English language skills and employment skills.

Needs: Our goal for 2016 is to begin by reaching 20 girls.

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