Learning Family: A Day in the Life in Progreso, Honduras

January 19, 2016

For three young men living under the guidance of Raul Carrasco, life with one another in the Survivor Skills Home in Progreso, Honduras, sounds a lot like living as a family. The four men eat most meals together, have weekly devotions together, shop for groceries together: learning the basic skills of living in community with people they care about.

It’s been said that “friends are the family you choose,” and by all accounts this group of friends is demonstrating the value of family life. For Denilson, Gabriel and Kevin, many of the life skills they are learning come simply from living ordinary life together, day after day.

Most days begin with a workout in Raul’s gym doing cardio and weight training. When they aren’t preparing to compete in an MMA (mixed martial arts) tournament, their commitment to training pays off in fitness and physical strength. A dinner of beans, rice, eggs and fried bananas typically brings the group together at the end of every day – a meal prepared by Denilson, who has taken charge of the kitchen.

In the meantime, there is a twice weekly devotional Bible study, and each young man has his own daily prayer time, often first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Each continues with school work. Gabriel is teaching himself English using Rosetta Stone and also is working toward a computer degree. They all are taking on gainful employment, which soon will include assisting with the shoe sales venture.

It sounds quite ordinary, which is precisely what makes their story extraordinary. Until they crossed paths with Raul, the boys had never benefited from the beautiful ordinariness of living in a stable family. With this most important foundation under their feet, Jesus – in the form of Raul and your donations – is giving these young men a way to take care of their bodies, a safe place and time in which they can complete their education, experience with legitimate work for pay, and the love and support of God as they cultivate productive lives.