New Project! Survival Skills Program Launches in the Dominican Republic

November 22, 2016

We are excited to announce the launching of another survival skills program in the Dominican Republic! Over the past few months – even during the torrential rains and flooding delivered by Hurricane Matthew – we have conducted multiple site visits to the orphanage, where dozens of young people need solid preparation for life as an adult.

For 32 girls and 4 boys who are residents of the orphanage, we have launched the 2.0 version of our survival skills curriculum. Learning much from our pilot program in Panama, we are implementing a few key changes that we believe will reinforce the concept of independence and self-direction, right from day one.

Beginning with this cohort, new survival skills students have to fill out an application, be interviewed, take a baseline assessment test and sign an agreement that outlines the expectations and requirements of all students in the program. We have both English and survival skills teachers in place, and the class has already completed two full lessons in survival skills and English. 

We look forward to bringing you stories about this new group of young people, and we ask for your prayers as we fully launch this youth empowerment project.

Why Survival Skills?

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