Just Hope joins the #GivingTuesday movement

November 7, 2014

Just Hope International is excited to announce our partnership with #GivingTuesday! Giving Tuesday (this year on December 2) is the philanthropic response to Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. Giving Tuesday is the day to recognize and encourage all the work being done in the world to end hunger, disease, poverty, abuse and countless other social ills. It’s a day to help solve problems by giving up some of our resources, be they money, expertise or time.

As a #GivingTuesday partner, we are part of a call to action to celebrate giving and join with families, businesses, communities and other nonprofits to kick off the holiday giving season. Last year, more than 10,000 organizations in 46 countries came together to participate in Giving Tuesday.

From now until Tuesday, December 2, we will offer up suggestions on how you can participate in Giving Tuesday.

A video overview of #GivingTuesday:

11/14: Get on Board with #GivingTuesday: Director of Engagement Bob Hawkes explains the power of #GivingTuesday to champion selfless giving.

11/18: May We Speak to Your Group? To support Just Hope International on #GivingTuesday, will you invite us to speak to your group? We can present on “Serving the Poor by Increasing Household Income,” “The Poor Are ‘Served,’ Then What?,” “Economic Empowerment vs. Short-Term Aid,” “A Business Perspective on International Service,” “Impact Capitalism,” and “A Look at Life in a Developing Country.” If your civic group, book club, Sunday School class, youth group, team of employees or other group of people would be interested in a thought-provoking presentation that includes stories from the field, use the Connect With Just Hope form on our web site.

11/20: In the Spirit of #GivingTuesday, Share This Prayer! Will you pray for our leadership team? We are exploring potential projects in Central America, and we pray that we meet people who will guide us to opportunities that can increase household income and food security for people in poverty.

11/25: Your donations go further with Zero Overhead. #GivingTuesday is one week away! How are you celebrating the joy of giving this year? Just Hope can accept one-time donations or recurring monthly donations. Thanks to the contributions of private donors, 100% of public donations to Just Hope International go directly to project costs.

11/26: Do you know a Spanish speaker interested in working with us in Central America? In recognition of #GivingTuesday, we are offering many ways to help Just Hope in the days leading up to this day of giving. Today we hope you can help lead us to people who may be interested in being ‘Boots on the Ground’ for us in Central America. We have both short and long-term needs, and the person needs to have experience in this part of the world and be fluent in Spanish. Help us by sharing our Connect With Just Hope page with those who might be interested.

12/2: Happy Giving Tuesday to you! We hope you have found creative ways to enjoy the act of giving and making the world a better place. Please share them on our Facebook or LinkedIn page! From the smallest acts to the most adventurous, we would love to hear about ways that you work to make an ‘impact that lasts’ in your community.