Just Hope extends into Sierra Leone

October 27, 2009

I am happy to share with you a very exciting opportunity that has come our way!

For some time now Just Hope has been operating in many countries around the world. It has been my hope that at some point we could extend into Africa. Well, that time has come!

We have the opportunity to partner with a nonprofit operating in Sierra Leone, West Africa. Most recently, Just Hope donated some of our resources to help open a children’s center in the city of Freetown. They are expecting to house 50-75 orphans and also to educate them onsite. This is a similar program to what we have done in Malawi except in this case the children have been removed from refugee camps and will live permanently in their new home.

For those of you unaware with Sierra Leone I will give you a little background. Sierra Leone is a country rich in diamonds but has been in the middle of the Blood Diamond Trading Scandal that resulted in a brutal civil war that left thousands homeless, orphaned and maimed. Many have been living in refugee camps ever since and their futures are very grim.

Our partner there hopes to begin a building project soon. This is where Just Hope plans to come in and offer our support. They will need a well and an irrigation system, much like what we made possible for the children’s center in Malawi.

I will share more on this project as the details develop!

Thank you for your continued commitment to Just Hope!