June 2017 Program Roundup

June 30, 2017

conservation agriculture plot, Sierra Leone

Bauya & Lunsar, Sierra Leone

Program success is seen in different ways and at different speeds in the locations we serve. The Tamaraneh group in Kerefay, Sierra Leone, is an example of wonderful current success by a group of farmers who together work to a high standard to produce a crop of groundnuts. The plot shown has been planted and prepared with sustainable conservation agriculture techniques. This plot’s yield and soil will be compared to a neighboring plot prepared and planted using traditional methods.

Sheik Abass Kamara's maize plot, Sierra Leone

Sheik Abass Kamara’s maize plot

Pastor Sullay Koroma of Mathenkaneh has continued a wonderful relationship with Muslim Imam, Sheik Abass Kamara. After seeing Pastor Sullay’s high-quality sustainable conservation agriculture plots last season, Sheik Abass began working his own plot using the same methodologies. Recently, he planted a very nice plot of maize to the high standards he saw with Pastor Sullay’s work and his labor is being rewarded with excellent early germination rates and solid mulching.


Savings Group, Ghana

Enidaso Savings Group

The Enidaso Savings Group completed their first cycle share out this month. Each of the 22 members received a 16% rate of return on their savings investment with no loans in default.

conservation agriculture training, Ghana

Savings Group conservation agriculture training

Sustainable Conservation Agriculture Training continues to gain popularity throughout the areas we serve in Ghana. Two more Savings Groups have asked for education in conservation agriculture. Many of the groups have an individual member that was involved in the conservation agriculture training for the last season, and now, they are engaging the other group members.

Bismark Ofori, Ghana

Bismark Ofori, Entrepreneur

Our entrepreneurs in Ghana are moving swiftly through the Business Mentoring Program. One such entrepreneur is Bismark Ofori. Bismark produces healthy ginger drinks. As a promise to his customers, he will be providing free samples for customers to try before ordering. By providing free samples, he can generate interest from his customers and also broaden his market. He has already improved his ledger by tallying the number of drinks poured from a bottle in order to properly price and supply his product.

Bright Oduro, Ghana

Bright Oduro, Entrepreneur

Another entrepreneur, Bright Oduro, has several pineapple fields he would like to continue running as a business. This month, Just Hope’s Field Officer David Opoku-Ababio worked with Bright to define what a business is – the creating, capturing and delivering value to customers. We also defined an entrepreneur as “one who makes life better for others” with the reasoning that solving problems for people is better and lasts longer than focusing on the sole aim of making money.

Dominican Republic

Survival Skills field trip, Dominican Republic

Survival Skills student on a field trip to a restaurant

Survival Skills students went on a field trip to a restaurant to practice using manners at the table, good behavior, public transportation and general courtesy. They also learned the importance of knowing the amount of money they have to spend before going to a restaurant and how to calculate tax and tip. The students engaged with the server and were able to talk with her when they had issues with their food or their bills. Each student handled it very well.

Survival Skills students also focused on psycho-social wellness – that they were created with different characteristics, physical appearances and habits. The students participated in several exercises that explored forgiveness and reconciliation with oneself. A healthy connection to their past and social awareness are integral parts of finding and keeping employment as well as building relationships and future families.


Survival Skills field trip, Panama

Survival Skills students on a field trip to the supermarket

Survival Skills students in Panama have been busy this month learning money management, building menus to fit within a budget and time management. Students from Colon went on a field trip to the supermarket and learned tips for creating easy, low-cost meals in addition to nutrition and shopping with a budget.

Survival Skills, Panama

Walkiria discusses the importance of studying

In Malambo, students discussed effective study guidelines and the importance of studying. They reviewed ways to develop positive habits and study routines for effective learning. Walkiria led discussions about things that can be distracting such as TV, music and cell phones. Some of the students shared that they limit the number of activities they participate in because it can take them away from their studies.

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