Is there money in Moringa?

June 5, 2015

During our recent trip to Ghana, we explored existing market opportunities to utilize Moringa as a potential solution to many of the ills that plague Ghana’s most impoverished communities.

Most importantly for Just Hope, our exploration is based upon a healthy local interest and motivation to grow Moringa.

The nutritional benefits of the Moringa tree leaves are widely known. Native to India and Arabia but well suited and naturalized in parts of tropical Africa and South America, the Moringa tree has long been touted as the “miracle tree” that could eliminate starvation for millions of people who live in these areas. With more vitamin A than carrots, more calcium than milk, more iron than spinach and more protein than yogurt, the leaves can be harvested without killing the tree, and Moringa trees grow quickly.

Of special interest to Just Hope, Moringa’s potential as a cash crop on the world market is promising due to its exceptional nutritional benefits (think about “power foods” that excite Americans, such as blueberries, pomegranate and kale) as well as its oil. Moringa oil is an effective skin moisturizer, making it appealing to the cosmetic industry.

As we develop our projects in Ghana, we will consider and explore Moringa trees. But like every idea we consider, we must be assured of a simple, repeatable and viable market opportunity for the people we serve.