Hero Spotlight: Ghana Entrepreneurs Look to Businesses to Increase Household Income

July 6, 2017

Ghana Entrepreneurs, Prosper and Bright

Business mentoring is one of four main ways we economically empower families to increase their household income. People all over the world are natural innovators and creators, and the people we work with are no different. They have ideas about businesses that would work well in their communities, and moreover, they have the local insight that outsiders can only dream about. What they need is a “hand up” to set their ideas in motion, and a bit of support as they start and run their own businesses.

When entrepreneurs establish profitable businesses, they create stability and opportunities for their families. The regular income is available for education and healthcare, two investments that are critical to long-term stability.

Successful entrepreneurs also are a benefit to their communities, because they have invested the time to understand their customer needs and are providing products and services that help their neighbors thrive.

In Ghana, Just Hope Field Officer David Opoku-Ababio is providing business mentorship to two entrepreneurs, Prosper Mawuli and Bright Oduro. This mentorship is a series of conversations with each entrepreneur about market need, understanding customers, risk mitigation, the importance of documentation and other best practices of entrepreneurship. Through the mentoring program, entrepreneurs are taught fundamental business principles and have the support of someone to walk alongside them as they encounter challenges and opportunities.

Meet Prosper, resilient entrepreneur

Ghana, Prosper

Prosper is a 33-year-old farmer in the village of Maame Dede. He is president of a papaya and chile growers association, and he wants to expand into fish farming. Having tried to start a pig farm, he understands the risks that come with entrepreneurship and is committed to mitigating all the risk he can before launching his tilapia enterprise. He has asked for help in understanding the best ways to proceed in launching his fish farming business.

Meet Bright, pineapple expert

Ghana, Bright

Bright is a 36-year-old pineapple farmer living in Kwasi Doi. Bright has worked in pineapple processing facilities, has been a field manager for another pineapple farmer, and has been a pineapple buyer himself. As his knowledge of the pineapple business has grown, so has his interest in building his business to suit the needs of pineapple buyers. Bright has asked for help improving the operation of his pineapple farm so that he can increase his profitability and provide a greater service and product for his customers.

Prosper and Bright are tremendous examples of the entrepreneur spirit that, with a small amount of support, can change a person, a family and a community.

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