Meet a Just Hope Hero: Foday Koroma

March 18, 2016

As a child in Sierra Leone, Foday couldn’t pay for school. He tried showing up over and over, and was once caned for his persistence. He also never knew the love of Christ.

But today, Foday is a pastor who heads a network of other pastors and community leaders responsible for building 20 schools and planting 50 churches — all in the last 5 years. In the face of civil war, an historic Ebola outbreak, and deep poverty in the villages where he serves, Pastor Foday is making a lasting impact.

Never one to sit idly by, Foday hasn’t stopped there. He believes that the best way to help people in poverty is through economic empowerment. He has a plan for making this happen:

  • Teach the pastors, who are already farmers, a more effective way to grow crops.
  • Equip these pastors to teach the new farming techniques to their communities.
  • Make funding for business growth accessible through an accountable, community-based savings and loan system.

Just Hope is partnering with Foday to provide agriculture training as well as support for groups starting VSLAs. Foday’s plan is already working, and Just Hope is excited to walk alongside Foday and his team.

Check back to follow Foday’s journey as he equips pastors and communities to provide a better life for themselves and their families.