Eight-year-old diverts birthday presents to help people in Sierra Leone

September 15, 2014

Wise beyond his eight years, a young boy in Tennessee recently celebrated his birthday in honor of Just Hope, asking friends and family to help our efforts in Sierra Leone rather than give him a present. Jackson’s support of Just Hope has been steadfast for nearly half of his life, having been inspired at age five during Vacation Bible School at Brentwood United Methodist Church. That summer, children and families were involved in raising money to help Just Hope dig a well in Sierra Leone — among the first steps we took when we first started putting down roots in Bauya.

Jackson eagerly supported his parents’ proposal that his birthday celebration be an opportunity to help those in need. Knowing about the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone, he wanted to help the same people he helped three years ago, and suggested that his friends donate to Just Hope International.

Thank you, Jackson, for your remarkable generosity and selflessness! The money you raised will make an ‘impact that lasts’ and go directly to project costs.